Style for your baby, simplicity for you

Traveling With Babies Takes Courage.

We know how tough it is to travel with tiny humans. That's why we've dedicated all our efforts into providing a better experience. Stop overpacking and stressing - we're here to help you get to your final destination without excess or hiccups.


Traveling with little ones just got a whole lot easier. 

Lightly is the secret travel weapon I never knew I needed. It's made traveling with littles ones fun. We finally get to relax instead of worrying about what we forgot.

Once we traveled Lightly, we'll never go back. It's hard to believe that we use to drag all this stuff. The products are amazing and I'm not freaked out about not having what I need for my baby.

When I sent this E-gift to my sister, she almost cried. Definitely plan on gifting Lightly to all my pregnant friends.